September 13th, 2012
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IT Certifications 101 – Part 1

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IT certifications and their importance are a hot topic in the world of IT. Some professionals view IT certifications as nothing more than a learning tool, while others see it as a requirement to prove your knowledge.

There are many benefits to having an IT certification. Advantages start as simple as meeting the job requirements to even booking an interview and being able to provide your future employer with validation of your skills and knowledge. The Importance of IT Certifications also highlights more key factors in having an IT certification. Getting a higher salary and providing job security are a couple more reasons.

So, where to begin? IT Certifications are extensive and so are the lists that provide you the “best” and “hottest” certifications to have.

According to Erik Eckel, Author of The 10 best IT certifications:2012, IT certification lists should be comprised of the most needed certifications in the workforce.  If it’s not valuable for the IT pro to hold a specific certification currently, then it’s off the list.

In order of highest importance, the number one spot goes to MCITP, or Enterprise Administrator on Windows Server 2008. Why is this one at the top of the list, you ask? Because the vast majority of servers are Windows, and apparently there aren’t many Windows server experts around.

Second place goes to MCTS. The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification is a great alternative to MCITP and according to Eckel it is, “among the smartest accreditations an engineer can currently chase.”

Rounding off the top three IT certifications is VCP or VMware Certified Professional. As per the VMware website, this certification is absolutely necessary to IT professionals looking to “design, operate and evolve your cloud environment.”

Find the rest of the Top Ten IT certifications and their importance in part 2 of IT Certifications 101.